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We are helping runners to reach their goals

From the beginning we had a dream - to build a running center where we can help runners with everything they need for their entire active lives.

We wanted to help them with their running technique, and to make their run a very enjoyable activity. We wanted to help them when they didn't know how quickly and what distance they should run. We even wanted to help runners fix aches and pains during a run.

he Salming Running Center is the realization of our dream. We have set up high-quality backgrounds in our store and filled it with quality coaches who not only know everything about running and things connected with it, but at the same time they are able to communicate this knowledge with a warm, human, and enthusiastic approach.

Our running analysis is a unique running lesson that will give you a comprehensive overview of your running style and how to improve it and run more efficiently with less risk of injury. The analysis works using the most modern equipment of the Swedish company Qualisys.

A total of 9 high-frequency cameras capture 35 reflective sensors located all over the runner's body creating a perfect 3D image of his running motion. This image is automatically processed by sophisticated software that is able to compare the measured motion of individual body parts of the runner with their ideal movement.

If the measurement is the pure basics of our Salming RunLab Running Analysis, then the coach who follows you throughout the analysis is the most important extension. Within one hour you will be interviewed everything from your running history, through the troubles that bother you during running, to your running goals. The measured values processed by the software then evaluate on-site and give you recommendations for what to focus and work on. In the next 24 hours after completing the analysis, we will then send you a link to the online interface, where you can not only study the results, but also to read coachs recommendations and advice at any time.

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Whoever wants to succeed must work. However, we have the opinion that even the hardest training should benefit us to strengthen body and mind, not to weaken us. We know well that best performances will only be achieved by a healthy, balanced, satisfied individual. Healthy and efficient running is then nothing but the long-term respecting of the natural, rational principles and the present possibilities of ourselves. If you wish, if you are also successful and you are able to progress, do not be swayed by others, but supported by them. We have created our group workouts for natural running from the very beginning with positive motivation, all in an informal setting, open to the community of running enthusiasts, all on the appropriate load setting, in a place where we are always sharing experiences. In addition, in our training group, we have plenty of space for personal attention and consultation, the possibility of regular advice is a matter of course.

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The most effective form of sharing experience is personal. Whether you solve a question without bout whether to even begin a run, or to beat a personal marathon best, together we will find a solution tailored specifically to your goals and possibilities. Personal training is based on natural running philosophy, we do not measure for minutes or miles. They are not the only measure your progress. It is, of course, possible to work in time when you work individually. Our trainers are ready to go as far as possible to guide you.

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Thinking about your company Running Day? Are you looking for a healthy lifestyle seminar? Or have you considered the possibility of regular, healthy sports activities for your employees? We are here for you! We will prepare a program tailored to your requirements.

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Michal Vítů

This South Bohemian native of Pelhřimov has been active and running since his childhood. He began his athletic journey in running 25 years ago, and finds immense pleasure in it. Philosophically he comes from the environment of Miloš Škorpil Running School. Rich experience with preparation hobby runners also gained thanks to many years of acting as the head coach of the running center The Running Mall. Almost ten years he is well known figure of the running community. About running, he writes, lectures, and speaks. His work combines the natural, sensible, running approach with a special emphasis on the health aspects of the matter. He claims that effective, long-term training develops a person, and doesn’t damage them.

Simona Pancíř Švarcová

She was the child we never had. She dominated her sport - handball, and running school Olympics. And eventually she found those athletes lacking a competitive temper. She does not feel the need to compete with others, but rather to overcome herself and to look for more sense in sport. She is involved in running serie RunTour , where she has formed professional pacemaker team. You will often meet her at charity events. Because she does everything with gusto she is the coach of Miloš Škorpil Running School. And because running is not just about running, she also acts as an fitness instructor, and recovery exercise coach. It goes hand in hand with nutrition consultation to have her comprehensive overview for healthy sports. Diversity in movement, nutrition, and overall lifestyle brings joy and for her that is about it.